Art by Roxanne Photography: Blog en-us (C) Art by Roxanne Photography (Art by Roxanne Photography) Sat, 17 Feb 2018 15:13:00 GMT Sat, 17 Feb 2018 15:13:00 GMT Art by Roxanne Photography: Blog 90 120 Elegance is the only beauty that never fades-Conceptual Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.
--Audrey Hepburn

I will never get over the elegance and beauty of old Hollywood glamour. George Hurrell has been an inspiration for years (and if you do not know who he is please google him!)

For this conceptual session, we combined the timeless beauty of old Hollywood Glamour with some Film Noir type lighting.
But I would be remiss if I did not post at least one color image so that you could see the color of Kiersten's stunning eyes.




Much love and thanks as always to my incredible MUAH and partner in crime when
it comes to conceptual looks and overall beauty-
Jennifer Aguilera

Shear Dolls

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And now, born from the ashes, she’s a warrior in bloodied black. “And now, born from the ashes, she’s a warrior in bloodied black.”

You might say Yolanda has been through some battles in her life. But her vivacity and gorgeous laugh would keep you from knowing that.

From her Boudoir to her Pin Up photos , Yolanda's strength and love for life shines through.

Yolanda is a breast cancer survivor. A battle she continues to fight on a recurring basis.

During her photo shoot, Yolanda was able to leave all her personal struggles behind her. Like the warrior she is.

It truly was a pleasure meeting you Yolanda.

Much love, Nancy Roxanne

Hair and makeup courtesy of:
Jennifer Aguilera  Owner of Shear Dolls

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Fear is stupid. So are regrets.--Pin Up Fear is stupid. So are regrets.
Marilyn Monroe

Every woman should have a day where they are the center of attention and made to feel their most beautiful. 
Other than a wedding day, you really don't get those kinds of days very often as an adult.
From careers to motherhood, our 'me' days somehow get lost in the jumble.

I think that's just one of the allures of Pin Up photography. 

After time spent reaping the benefit of having your hair and makeup styled by one of our professional stylists you will be ready to take on the photo shoot--and the world!

And Pin Up is definitely about empowerment.
It's about feeling beautiful in your
own skin. Whether you are size 2 or size 22, Pin Up style looks amazing and feels just as good.

I mean,seriously,I could take these kinds of photos all day, every day..

 Pin Up is also about attitude. It can be sweet, sexy, bold, brazen and most definitely fun!

Another advantage to a conceptual session based on the woman that is you, is that having your photo taken by a professional photographer can be very rewarding. Seeing your beauty through the unbiased eyes of someone else can be a pretty powerful confidence booster.

It's an opportunity to embrace your womanhood in a playful way that allows you to have fun and not take yourself too seriously. 

At the end of day it truly is all about embracing YOU.

And that's something we all need a little more of.

Much love, Nancy Roxanne

Special thanks to my gorgeous client Erica, who was up for anything!

Lead Photographer Nancy Roxanne Art by Roxanne Photography
Hair and Makeup Courtesy of Jennifer Aguilera   Shear Dolls
Second Photographer Lindsey Wickstandt Wheeler Moments with Elle

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New year, new life-Lifestyle Newborn Session New Year, New Life

On November 24th I was scheduled to do a maternity session for Marisol...but her little Liam had other ideas and on November 23rd Marisol went into labor. Twenty four hours later little Liam made his debut one month early, weighing a very healthy 7lbs and 14oz and measuring 21 and half inches long.

Arriving at Brian and Marisol's modern and beautiful light filled home I found unopened gifts underneath the Christmas tree.
Apparently having a new baby arrive a month early put's your schedule off a bit haha!






















I couldn't believe that this young looking couple have been together 22 years dating back to high school!

They were just as cute and as sweet as could be, and their love for gorgeous little Liam was just precious.


Congratulations to this awesome couple on their beautiful new edition to their family. I hope to see him again and again and witness all his sweet milestones!


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Family is more than blood-Senior Session Family is more than blood.

I am a firm believer that it takes more than blood to make someone your family. I have people who share my DNA who haven't called to see how I am doing in years, and though I will always love them I recognize those people have never truly been a part of me nor do they understand me. 
Then there are people who have been in my life and my heart for years and years who are indeed my family, even though the blood in our veins is not the same. We are connected at the heart, where it truly matters.
Mychaela is one of those people.  I have known Mychaela since she was born18 years ago and I have been taking photos of her since my black and white film days, all the way to her recent prom.

And she, and her mother and brother, are my real family. The connected at the heart kind.

Mychaela can be a typical teen, with rebellious ways and a not so perfect attitude, but at the end of the day she has one of the sweetest hearts I've ever known and I love her to death. Even if we conflict at times (she is as bullheaded as I!), I know she has the potential to be anything she sets her mind to and I can't wait to see what her future holds.

After Mychaela graduates from Valparaiso High School, she is considering joining the Navy and then going to college for social work. She wants to help children who have been abused. A subject that means a lot to her.

With Michaela's spirit and open heart I know there is nothing holding her back! 

Love to you always Mychaela, my family, my heart.

Stay tuned for Mychaela's upcoming winter images!

Shout out to for my new watermark!

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Peace on earth will come to stay, When we live Christmas every day "Peace on earth will come to stay, When we live Christmas every day"
Helen Steiner Rice

From friends to family, and new clients to old favorites, and even Santa Claus himself, Christmas 2017 was a beautiful time.
Here are just a few of my favorite photos from this holiday season. 

Thank you to ALL my clients for making 2017 a wonderful year!

The Whiting Family.
I've been loving Paul and Kiersten for years now, back when there was only little sweet Paul, and now too that there is silly awesome Ashton. 

Jay & Erin
Ronnie, Nicky and baby Mohini

From Senior Photos to turning 50 to newborn images and more

..this family has quickly become a part of my life and I could not be more pleased.

Terrence and Candiss, Blakely and baby Bryn
The Reeves have just moved back from California to their roots in Michigan. I can't tell you how much I already adore every one of them but their little poser 2 year old Blakely really stole my heart! 








Then there is my own sweet Savanah, the baby of the family.

Life would not be the same without best friends you are related to, also known as cousins.
Here is Savanah with her best friends by choice and birth, Justin and Rylyn.

And then the other part of my heart...two of my grandbabies, Felicity and Dawson (missing baby Ariana in Alaska!)

Another set of brand new clients, the Eccleston Family-
Tony, Migdalia, Brianna, Jayden and Mikayla.
I look forward to getting to know this lovely vivacious family better!






Last but certainly not least.... Santa Claus!
And best of all? Santa Claus will be making a personal appearance in Art by Roxanne's Christmas Mini Sessions in 2018!
Thank you Santa, you rock!


**And a special thank you to Westmans Tree Farm in Dexter, Michigan

and Luers Tree Farm in Scherererville, Indiana!

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We were just kids when we fell in love-Mihalic Wedding We were just kids when we fell in love...
Ed Sheeren

I can't say that I was close to Melissa Mihalic or even knew her all that well when we were in junior high at Morton Middle School in Hessville, Indiana. I do know that she was probably the tallest girl in our 7th grade class. And I was definitely one of the shortest, if not THE shortest, girl in our 7th grade class. So you could say we knew 'of' each other for sure. ;)

Years later we would meet again while working at the same car dealership. 
Fast forward a few more years and social media would bring us together yet again. 
And then came my photography business and her family's milestones.

Senior photos for Taylor..Senior photos for Miranda...a first grand child for images of Melissa and her four children.  

And now, the first wedding. 



I can't tell you how seriously honored I am that I have become a part of this family's special memories. A family that for me goes as far back as 7th grade.  Which is only fitting since Melissa's son Brandon met his then future bride Ashley, when they themselves were in 7th grade. They first met in wood shop class where Brandon helped Ashley make a clock; a clock they still have.   

After being friends for two years they actually started dating their freshman year of high school. Together they graduated from Purdue Calumet in 2015 and became engaged in October 2015. 
In January 2016 their son was born. 

So what began all so long ago in junior high has led to this. And when Brandon and Ashley danced their first dance to the song Perfect by Ed Sheeren and it came to the line "we were just kids when we fell in love" I can tell you that it was hard to see through my tears and take those photos. 
Even now, as I write these words, I tear up thinking of it. 
Yes, I am a big ole cry baby. 

But I triple dare you to watch this video and to not shed at least a tear or two yourself.

Congratulations to Brandon and Ashley Mihalic. 
And thank you for letting me document just one more special occasion in the Mihalic family album. 

Much love, Nancy. 


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Concrete Jungle Engagement Session Finding solitude in the concrete jungle is powerful and peaceful.
- Mike Dolan

I am inspired by all types of locations. Some even surprise me. This one did not. Though it might surprise some to have an engagement session on top of a parking garage. But for Michigan natives, Alicia Lyon and Dan Trader, picking the location was a no-brainer.
Alicia used to work close to The Z Park and used to spend lunch breaks enjoying the awesome views.

It was definitely a super fun location for me up on 10A.
Alicia and Dan met in DC although, ironically, they grew up only 2 hours apart in Michigan.
And Michigan is where they are planning to hold their Autumn 2018 wedding.

Congratulations to Alicia and Dan on their engagement as well as their fourth anniversary which falls on today, the day before Thanksgiving!

Much love and best wishes to you both and thanks for introducing me to the Z ;)


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Man's Best Friend Man's Best Friend

One rainy Sunday I met a Vizsla named Marina along with her humans, Kevin and Maxine.

Dealing with inclement weather has been a true issue as of late but luckily I am not a shy person. So I found the site of a local barn (with some assistance) and without hesitation did some quick talking with the owner. Twenty dollars later and we were in business. A place to wait out the rain and take a few shots.

Six month old Marina found the location pretty interesting. She wanted to sniff and see everything. The only time she stopped checking things out was during her coffee break ;)

Marina seems to have quite the life with her humans who have been together for 27 years. Though they have nieces and nephews that they adore their only child is their fur baby Marina. She is the third Vizsla they have owned over the many years.

Kevin is the Head coach at St. Francis de Sales High School in Chicago while Maxine is a stylist for a vintage jewelry line, Plunder Design. (Make sure and check out the link at the bottom of the page for the awesome and affordable pieces).

Thanks to Marina for braving the

weather and hanging out with me and for bringing her mom and dad, Kevin and Maxine, along as well!

Much love!


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Long Lost Love Reunited Long Lost Love Reunited

Thirty three years ago, at the tender age of 12 and 13, Angela and Fred met at his Pop Warner football game.
Young love ensued and would last for the next two years.
angelaangela fredfred

Then one day Angela's step father abruptly announced they were moving and they were moving right then.
Angela did not even have time to tell Fred she was leaving.
With no ability to control it, she simply disappeared on the unsuspecting 15 year old Fred, seemingly without a trace.

Over the years they never forgot each other . 

But life goes on and both would go on to marry others and have children.
, each would have 3 children, and between the two of them, six grandchildren.

Fast forward 33 years into the future and the advent of social media and shared friends from past lives...and the plot would thicken.

Angela discovers one of her Facebook friends is also friends with the boy that gave her, her very first kiss and her first marriage proposal.

Angela had finally found Fred again.

Not a big social media guy, it took Fred two months to see Angela's friend request and accept it.
But from there they arranged a meeting and the rest, as they say, is history.

I have to admit I love 'long lost love reunited' stories!!!

I am so happy for these two. I know their time apart has only made their reunion all the more sweet.
May the next 33 years find you together and just as in love as you were all those years ago and as you are today.

Eternal love and best wishes to you both,  Nancy Roxanne

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Rain Rain Go Away-The Yonan family Rain Rain Go Away.

On an otherwise, almost mild, late October day, I had the pleasure of meeting this photogenic family, the Yonan's.
Meeting them and photographing them was the easy part.
Finding a place to do so? Not so easy.

As with all my clients, location is determined well in advance of the session. It is very much a custom location based on the client's vision, with me giving input as to places I feel might work.

Plan A
In the case of the Yonan family, mom Regina decided on the Osaka Garden in Chicago. I was super excited about the spot since I had never photographed there before.
But then the rains came.
Plans had to be changed on a dime or we would have to reschedule.

Plan B
So we decided on the atrium at Harold Washington Library.
Only when I got there early to scout the new location I found the top floor was off limits due to a wedding.

 Plan C
How about the Chicago Institute of Art?
I raced over on foot to the museum while the Yonan's were en route.
Arriving there I found long lines, high entrance fees and worse of all-- no inside flash was allowed. Sort of rough when you have a dark rainy day dimming the light in an interior location.

Plan D
I exited the Art Institute quickly and jumped into the Yonan's vehicle, just as they were pulling up.
What to do now??

Thinking fast I realized we were right around the corner from one of my  favorite shooting spots. Lurie Garden.

The rain had considerably ebbed.  So we decided to go for it.
Once we arrived the rain miraculously stopped. The city skyline was covered in fog but the beautiful fall colors were definitely on display and now was our chance to take advantage of the awesome backdrop.

And so Plan D it was!!

Thank you to the Yonan family for being up for the adventure that our session date turned in to!

At the end we got beautiful photos which made for our very happy ending, and that is truly all that matters :)

Much love to the beautiful Yonan family. I hope to see them again and again.

Nine year old Lyda was a picture perfect little model from moment one!

And though it took 3 year old Luca a minute to warm up to me, he didn't waste anytime once he was ready to go. His true personality came shining through again and again.

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The true character of ministry is a servant's heart. The true character of ministry is a servant's heart.

Kellie Kelly is preparing to graduate from a 5 year program that will see her becoming a Unitarian Universalist Minister.
UU members are multifaith,(including many atheists and humanists)and radically progressive, advocating rights for LGBTQ, women, immigrants, Muslims, and people of color.

What a wonderful concept when it comes to acceptance!
While I had never heard of this ministry I was very intrigued by it.
(I am including a link at the end of this blog post if you are intrigued as well!).

Kellie and her son Matt, who is about to turn 12, joined me on a brisk day in October at Whihala Beach in Whiting, Indiana.
By this time, I already felt I knew Kellie from our correspondence, so I was excited to finally meet her and her son Matt in person.

She and Matt did not disappoint and were both lots of fun to work with.

Congratulations to Kellie on her upcoming graduation and to Matt on his last birthday before he officially becomes a teen next year!

May their future be as bright as their faith!


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Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family. Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family.

So on what may have been one of the last really nice weekends of the year, I met with Coty and Stephanie and their 3 children at the Wasem Fruit Farm in Milan, Michigan.

I may never do another family session again that does not involve some type of activity to keep the interest of multiple children! It worked out so incredibly well that I had the hardest time choosing which of their many awesome photos to post. I tend to have that problem a lot lol!

Coty and Stephanie were a hoot. Coty is definitely the teasing protagonist in their relationship and Stephanie's love for him and his antics were very apparent.

They are so adorable! 
Then there were the children.
and Xavier.

Jade, age 9, very much possesses all the wisdom and solemnity of the oldest child.
She also harbors a deep love for Five Nights at Freddy's toys.
When I was her age I loved to read Edgar Alan Poe and watch Frankenstein movies so I definitely love a child with a dark side lol!
And since I was also the oldest child in my household I could really relate to beautiful little Ms. Jade.

Then there was sweet sweet Micah. I'd be lying if I said I grew weary of photographing her adorable and perfect 6 year old face.
Between her exuberant personality and the sprinkling of glorious freckles across her little nose I was in photographic heaven.

Of course we can't forget the little man. Three year old Xavier. Lover of all things that go zoom.
At the last minute I had thrown a little airplane and pilot hat into my bag. The images that resulted from the combination of boy meets toy are so perfect and endearing I could cry.

Thanks so much to this awesome family for letting me document a moment in their lives. May you always be as happy as you are now.

Much love, Nancy.

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And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

This past July, on the 28th of the month, Eric Kinney proposed to his girlfriend Brianna Kalmbach, 6 years to the day of their first date. On that same date next summer, July 28th 2018, he will make Brianna Kalmbach his wife.
I. Love. That.

Since Eric popped the big question while he and Brianna were out camping, it seemed perfect to Brianna that they should head back into nature and the forest when it came time to take their engagement photos.

Finding both woods and beauty in nearby Nichols Arboretum in Ann Arbor, we had a perfect day in the warm 70's surrounded by the burgeoning Autumn colors. And making it all the more perfect was when I found both Brianna and Eric to possess the kind of infectious carefree smiles that make my job oh-so easy.
So while we communed with nature and each other, I captured their relaxed natural style as well as their love for one another.
Brianna is a fellow artist and Eric is a musician/drummer, like my own fiance, so we had lots to gab about.
And let it be stated here and now, that in my own personal experience, if anyone can live in a small space with another person AND their drum kit and manage not to kill him or others, then they are surely a match made in creative heaven :D

I wish Eric and Brianna all the best on their upcoming wedding and in the next phase of their lives.
Much love to you both!


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One year down, forever to go One year down, forever to go.

Mike and Megan Wadowski were married last year on July 2nd, 2016 and next month marks their 6th year together as a couple. So they wanted to get together for a photo session to celebrate their anniversary.

 I am notoriously awful with remembering names but as soon as our session got under way Megan helped me out by telling me that all of their friends call them M&M.


Not only did that make their names stick in my mind but it also made perfect sense, because Megan and Mike could not have been any sweeter than if they were actually made from chocolate!
Some people are just easy to love off the bat and they are two of those people.

Of course we got pretty close, pretty quick, when about 10 minutes into the session, while walking backwards and framing my shot, I tripped over a rather large tree root and hit the ground hard and fast like I planned the darn thing. Without missing a beat I jumped back up and kept shooting. No one was hurt, except for maybe Mike from laughing so hard!! Now you know why I don't photograph on the edge of cliffs!

At any rate, after that I am pretty sure it was easy for them to feel comfortable with me. And whenever Mike was in danger of giving me a forced smile I would remind him of the time I fell flat on my backside and that would bring an instant gleam to his eye and a smile to his face.
Hey, you do what you got to do. Like I said. I planned that ;)

Happy Anniversary to these two awesome people. I meant it when I told them I hope to see them again and again.

Some of my friends become clients, and some of my clients become friends. And that is one of the best things about what I do. 

Much love to you both M&M.

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We'll always have Paris "We'll always have Paris"

                      Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca

Thirty five years ago this month Paris Freeman came into the world; a few days after her birth her mother Pamela celebrated her own 33rd birthday by taking her new baby girl home. 

After putting a trip off to Paris,France multiple times, Pamela had to once again put off her trip when she learned she was expecting a child. And that is how Paris Freeman got her name.

I love that story. And if you met Pamela in person you would know that she surely must have given her child a reminder moniker out of love and sarcastic wit.

At 68 years young, Pamela is full of pep and vinegar, and to see her and her equally fun daughter, Paris, interact is truly awesome to watch.

If there is anything I admire, it is a strong mother/daughter bond.
And these two wonderful ladies do not disappoint.
Happy Birthday to you both and here is to always having Paris!

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Quiet People Have the Loudest Minds-Rodriguez Family and Senior Siblings Quiet People have the Loudest Minds

“I’ve always liked quiet people: You never know if they’re dancing in a daydream or if they’re carrying the weight of the world.”

Looking for Alaska by John Green

Alaynna and Leighton Rodriguez are definitely on the reserved side. During our photo session I never knew if they were enjoying themselves or secretly plotting my demise haha! πŸ˜›
That's okay though, I have always liked quiet people. Maybe because it gives me more of an opportunity to do all the talking lol!


But the similarities don't end there with Alaynna and Leighton. Just 10 and a half months apart, they are both Seniors at New Prairie High School and have been actively involved in sports for years.

Alaynna, the oldest, is a catcher
and has played softball for over 12 years now; her dad Mike helps coach her travel team. Alaynna is also in national honor society and maintains over a 4.0 GPA.

Leighton is an offensive lineman for his school's football team which is currently leading the state in rushing for 4A schools.  Leighton has played football for over 9 years and made second team all conference.
He also wrestles and made it to semi state for his weight class this past year as well as honorable mention at all conference for wrestling.

Anyone with the quiet determination and steadfast dedication, required to participate and excel in sports for as long as these two have, surely have success in store for them in whatever they decide to do.

Good Luck Alaynna and Leighton and I hope you have a great Senior year!


While we were making plans for this Senior photo session we decided to do a few family shots with mom and dad, Heather and Mike, and youngest son Mikey as well.

The Rodriguez's take a lot of photos but have not had any done professionally since before Mikey was born 14 years ago.
It was definitely time!

Thanks to Heather for corralling everyone together and to Mike for patiently suffering through

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Men are what their mother made them--Senior Session with Hana Koilpillai "Men are what their mother made them."


Of course there are exceptions to every rule but in most cases, when you see a good man, somewhere behind him is a mother who raised him to be that way.

Today's Senior, Hana Koilpillai, would like to dedicate her Senior session to her grandmother and to the wonderful son her grandmother raised, Hana's father.

Hana had not initially planned on wearing a sari for her session.  But according to her mother Kim, the night before the photo shoot Hana came across some of her grandmother's jewelry and was overcome with emotion and memories. And though she normally does not elect to dress in the Indian style that is representative of her rich heritage from her paternal side, Hana decided to incorporate the beautiful sari that her grandmother had given to Hana's mother.

In preparing this blog I contacted Hana and her mother to make sure it was okay to include the images with the beautifully vibrant gown.  I had been told that Hana wanted to surprise her father, who had no idea she would be wearing the dress.

In response Hana sent me this message and ask that I include it so that everyone would know that these images are in memory of her dear grandmother..


"I had some pictures taken in the sari, which my dad's mom dressed my mom in for her wedding rehearsal dinner, to honor my beautiful grandmother, my Paaty. I'm so thankful for my Paaty raising her son to be the man that he is, because he's an amazing father. I wanted to surprise my dad with this and let him know how much I wish with my entire heart that she could be here to share my senior year with us."

Hana Koilpillai


Reading Hana's sweet words of love for her grandmother and father made me teary eyed! She is definitely a beautiful girl inside and out.

I am sure her father will love and cherish these special images from his only daughter.

And I know that Hana's Paaty must be looking down with a smile in her heart for her sweet and lovely granddaughter as Hana embarks on her final year in the Northville school system.


Attending Northville schools since Kindergarten, Hana is a third year varsity Lacrosse player for Northville High School. She keeps busy during the summers by working as a day camp children's counselor for Springhill Camps. 

"I love having my summer centered on Jesus and kids and seeing God work in my life and through me to help  kids grow in their relationships with Him"


Next up for Hana is college in Florida to study Marine Biology.

Between her family, and her faith, and her beauty in strength and character, Hana surely has nothing but good things on her horizon as she moves towards the next step in her life's journey.

And no matter where her path may take her, or how far from home she may roam, I leave her with this quote to light her way and bring her comfort.


'A life that touches others, goes on forever.'


Best wishes Hana!


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All the world's a stage-Senior Session with Tori Dedo "All the world's a stage."

William Shakespeare


Tori Dedo is an aspiring actress. A Senior at Detroit Country Day School, she is in the process of sending applications to colleges where she is looking to get her BFA and hone her craft.


An all American beauty type, Tori was both sweet and open for anything at our photo session. Which is probably a very good trait to have as an actor ;)

Equally adorable was Tori's mother Jacqui. She is one of those mothers that is in complete infatuation with their child and is their biggest cheerleader. The world would indeed be a wonderful place if everyone had the support system that Tori has in Jacqui!

I wish for Tori an awesome Senior year and I hope she finds the perfect college that helps her achieve all her dreams. Somehow I don't think she will have any problems whatsoever :)





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Generations of Love  Generations of Love
Here's to strong women.
May we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.

This week I had the pleasure of doing a generation session with Eve and her mother Inna and Eve's 5 year old daughter Sophie.
Eve's mother was visiting all the way from Russia! So it was especially awesome to have the opportunity to photograph these 3 generations of women.
I hope Inna enjoys her time in Ann Arbor and that she loves these special images with her beautiful daughter and sweet granddaughter.

If the family is together, the soul is in the right place.
Russian Proverb

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