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Behind Closed Doors-Tomorrow is the Day

February 22, 2013  •  1 Comment

Tomorrow morning I will take the first shots in my new project Behind Closed Doors.  The project has been many months in coming in terms of thought and conception.  Then came the finding of the actors, the writing of the scenes and the visualizing of the images.  Tomorrow will tell me what I need to know. Does it compute? Does it read the powerful way I envision it? Does it feel like a glimpse into someone's life??
I am nervous, worried that the images I will make tomorrow out of my memories and stories and thoughts will not be as vivid as the ones that circle around my head when I lay in bed at night..We shall see.

Tomorrow is the Day.

Addendum: If you are reading this post today then I would like to tell you the project I was speaking of, Behind Closed Doors, an expose on Domestic Violence, was everything I wanted it to be. Please take the time to to go to Galleries/Collections and see the video project under Personal Work/Expose.  (Tip--watching in in slideshow format is the best viewing.)
If the project moves or speaks to you please leave me a comment.

Thank you,
Nancy Roxanne
Art by Roxanne
Domestic Abuse Survivor



Janet Lawton(non-registered)
This will be a very powerful and emotional project for you. I hope it turns out to be all you envision and more!
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