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Family Ties at Taltree Arboretum and Gardens

August 03, 2016  •  6 Comments

“True friends are always together in spirit. (Anne Shirley)”

Many years ago, (we won't say how many haha), Dawn Lawrence and I were the best of friends. She lived down the street from me and many a memory was made trekking our way through Northwest Indiana snowstorms on our way to Morton Middle School, and later, to Morton High School
. We had to walk 5 miles uphill, both ways, in those days ;)  Whenever I hear the Pointer Sisters song Fire, or Cheap Trick's I Want You to Want Me, it takes me right back to those walks down back-alleys, singing off key at the top of our lungs.
I will never forget the time after school one day, when Dawn ran and told my junior high boyfriend, Ed Radermacher, that I was ready to kiss him--because I was too chicken to do so myself lol!  Or when Dawn beat up a bully in the school locker room after gym class, because the girl had been tormenting me during dodge ball..good friends are like that...willing to go the extra mile to get you kissed or keep you from being killed with an inflatable ball :D
And while years and years have passed since we've seen each other in real life (outside of social media!) some things never change and one of those is the connection with a true friend.
I can't express fully what a blessing it was to see Dawn again, and to see her daughters (who I haven't seen since they were in pre-school) AND to meet THEIR children as well as everyone's significant others.
Her daughter's Sarah and Heather are just as strong in character and beauty as their mother. And while they have all had their trials and tribulations, these three women always rise above and survive like the strong Scottish stock they come from.
So let me formally introduce you to Dawn and her man Daniel. Sarah and her husband Fred, and their sons Xaiden and Baby Freddy. Sarah is expecting their third child in February. And then there is Heather, her son Bodhi and Heather's man Jared. Jared and Heather are also expecting in February!
I'm not sure how Dawn will have all these grandchildren when she and I are still, clearly, in our twenties :D
Here's to best friends, past, present and future!

Note:  Dawn's precious grandson Freddy was born with Down Syndrome, CHD, Dysphagia and Laryngomalcia. To learn more about these conditions you can follow Sarah's blog at

The ClanThe Clan Daniel and DawnDaniel and Dawn Dawn and her girlsDawn and her girls new Sisters Fred, Sarah, Xaiden, and baby FreddyFred, Sarah, Xaiden, and baby Freddy A little boy's first love will always be his mamaA little boy's first love will always be his mama Love...Love... A gorgeous soon to be mother of 3!A gorgeous soon to be mother of 3! Jared, Heather and BodhiJared, Heather and Bodhi Love thisLove this Full of spit and vinegar from head to toe!Full of spit and vinegar from head to toe! This photo best represents my trying to photograph a 2 year old :)This photo best represents my trying to photograph a 2 year old :) A beauty in black in whiteA beauty in black in white These cousins/besties..These cousins/besties.. Always somewhere to goAlways somewhere to go Nana and her boys..she will need more lap space come February!Nana and her boys..she will need more lap space come February! The Rivalry! Packers, Colts and Bears!The Rivalry! Packers, Colts and Bears!


Jen Stockton(non-registered)
Those are absolutely beautiful. I have been looking for a photographer for my sons senior pics and a few of all of my boys together!
Dawn Lawrence(non-registered)
Aren't these terrific? And thanks, Lisa!
Sarah Benich(non-registered)
These turned out amazing! Great work!
Lisa phillippe-rouse(non-registered)
What BEAUTIFUL pictures! And a Beautiful family! have NOT changed one bit!
Art by Roxanne Photography
Aw, thank you so much Susan!
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