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Local fire showcases both heartache and heroes in Whiting, Indiana

August 15, 2016  •  17 Comments

As a portrait photographer I am used to capturing emotion. Usually that emotion is one of happiness. But earlier this week a fire broke out in a home near mine. That day I captured emotion as well, but on this day it was of sadness, loss, and confusion. I was also able to document the bravery of our local Whiting Fire Department.
My nephew is actually a firefighter for Lake Hills Fire Department, so I have a special high regard for these heroes.
This is the post I shared on my private Facebook page and that I am sharing with you now.

Earlier this evening I noticed that outside was getting strangely foggy so I opened our window to look closer. Immediately it became clear that it was not fog but smoke.

Savanah and I ran out the back door of our building to see where it was coming from.
Across the alley and down about 4 homes, the back of a house was billowing smoke. As we got closer we could see it coming out of the back basement door.
After taking Savanah back home to Ben I grabbed my camera.

The home, on Fischrupp in Whiting, is owned by an elderly woman who had multiple family members living with her as well.

Whiting Mayor Joseph M. Stahura was on site and I spoke to him briefly. The house was built before the age of putting fire-stops in place thus allowing the fire to spread rapidly beyond the basement. I heard a firefighter say it was in the walls so I am assuming that means something electrical.

At first the firefighters were told it was a rescue mission because a family member could not be located. Luckily, that person was found to be at a local store but sadly the family's cat did not survive.

Talking to the owner's daughter I got the impression of a house filled with memories, including some dating back to World War II.
I hope that when all the smoke clears they are able to salvage something.

Keep this poor family in your thoughts and prayers!!
Heroes... Where it seems to have started This poor gentleman was sick with worry about his cat, Bob. Sadly, Bob did not survive the fire. Family being comforted by friends Mayor Joseph M. Stahura (in blue). The owner of the home.. Whiting Fire Chief Gus Danielides After being inside the home.. Camaraderie God bless our firefighters


tina preneta(non-registered)
Thank u for taki g the pics....this family is my family...such a shame to watch it burn and the fire hydrent..directly in front of home ..was not working therefore 30 minutes later then finally ran a hose from pennsylvania ave....please fix and cheak all hydrents..our children are important!!!and so is our homes
God Bless the family and help them cope with their devastation. Thank you to all our firemen for the fine job they did. God please keep them safe! Protect all firemen and policemen and help get rid of the anger people hold!
Thank you and may God watch and keep safe all the firefighters and Police Officers that put their lives on the line daily.
My heartfelt prayers to the family, I hope they are able to salvage some of their memorabilia and family treasures
Linda Valdivia(non-registered)
Thanks yoy for sharing. Bouught tears to my eyes. I live in the community and this is so sad. I work in the emergency room, so fire fighters and paremdics have a special place in my heart.
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