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Senior Sydney Marzec in Downtown Detroit on the Riverfront and at The Belt

August 10, 2016  •  2 Comments

It is both exciting and scary to photograph a new location. You are always a little worried there won't be places that speak to you..which is funny, when you think about it, because as a photographer I can find beauty and things that speak to me, in most any place. So I'm not sure why I worry..human nature I guess.
And so it was no different when my client Sydney wanted to do her Senior session on the Detroit Riverfront. Now of course I lovvvvvvve urban decay ( I may have mentioned this in the recent past haha) and in fact, 4 or 5 years ago, I did a whole series of photographs on the Packard Plant. But I was unfamiliar with the Riverfront, a sleeker side of the ever evolving Detroit. So I arrived early and took a look around, I immediately found some very cool options. When Sydney showed up at the designated time, we jumped right in and started our session on the GM Plaza and Promenade which houses, amongst other things, an adorable carousel. What better way to begin?
Then we explored the views on the river and at the tiny, but scenic, Milliken State Park Wetlands.
From there we went to the rooftop of the GM parking garage and hung out a bit before ending the shoot with a trip to The Belt. The Belt is a redefined alley in the heart of Detroit and is home to murals and installations by local, national and international artists.
All in all, Sydney picked a pretty spectacular locale. Thank you Detroit!

But I would be seriously amiss if I didn't point out the icing on the cake of our Detroit setting, and that was Sydney herself. Let me tell you, this session was definitely more reminiscent of a fashion shoot with a model then a Senior session with a high schooler! Sydney absolutely ROCKED IT. Going through her proof gallery I just kept finding one gem of an image after another. Narrowing down images is hard for me as it is and Sydney definitely did not make it easy on me for this blog post!

Sydney I hope you have an AWESOME last year at Ann Arbor Preparatory, and if your future as a civil rights attorney doesn't work out I think you have a strong fall back plan in modeling, just saying ;)



Marina Marzec(non-registered)
Roxanne was a fantastic photographer, who gave Sydney the senior pic session she wanted. We loved that she was willing to head to downtown Detroit to showcase the city and Sydney! Roxanne took the time to capture Sydney's beauty and guided her throughout the day. Thank you.
Beautiful just stunning
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