Wondering what to wear for senior portraits is a dilemma many high school graduates face. The good news is, it doesn’t need to be complicated. The better news is that we don’t limit our photography clients to a certain number of wardrobe selections in our two hour sessions (*one hour sessions allow for only one outfit change and are perfect for those clients brought kicking and screaming to their photo shoot). 
As a rule, we believe that more is better for senior photos. Bring everything you think might work and we will work with it as we go along. It pays to have options!
Because, let’s face it, on picture day you might not be in the same mood you were in when you were planning your senior portrait session and choosing your outfits, so bring a variety of clothing that may include shorts, jeans, dresses, tee shirts, or other items that show off your every-day-wear style. Try to avoid outfits that are overly trendy so you can capture truly timeless images. But don't forget to have fun with your options!














Your fashion choices should fit into three main categories: casual, dressy, and formal. Additional options include uniforms such as sports, band, or ROTC.



For casual we suggest staying away from t-shirts with over the top graphics on it that can take the focus away from you and also date an image. Keep it simple and classic.
Avoid flip-flops. Sneakers should be clean and free of scuff marks, although a “slightly worn” look is acceptable.



















Dressy outfits should be along the lines of what you might wear to church, for a job interview, or out for dinner with the family.

















Formal outfits can be along the lines of (or exactly the same as!) what you wore to prom. The formal look demonstrates your transition from child to adult in celebratory style.



















Don’t be afraid of texture! Silky. Frilly. Furry. Ruffled. Feathered. Fringed. Texture translates extremely well on camera, provided it’s not over-done or unnatural for you. If you wouldn’t wear it any time other than pictures, leave it out. Diversify your looks.





















You can also bring uniforms or accessories that show off your academic, athletic, and artistic accomplishments from your high school interests. ROTC uniforms, sports uniforms and accessories, instruments, and trophies are fabulous add-ons to your basic outfit categories.  Bring all the gear!













And don't forget to show off your culture and traditions. While you might not wear a Lengha or Hawaiian Lei to school they can be beautiful elements in your senior photographs that tell the story of who you are.





Make sure that no matter what you wear, it fits comfortably. You may be asked to kneel, bend, squat, or bend your body in a variety of ways. Clothes that are too tight or dresses that are too short make it difficult to pose in various positions. Select outfits that show off your figure, and that make you feel confident.Think about your undergarments. Bra straps do not translate well in senior portraits, neither do exposed

















When you’ve made your fashion selections, make sure your clothes are ironed, on hangers, and ready to wear. Removing wrinkles is easier done by iron that by photoshop.

Don’t forget jewelry! And there’s always room to show off your favorite hat.








If your pants have belt loops, a belt looks best.
If you wear glasses that are not anti-glare, consider popping out your lenses for your shoot. You might also be able to borrow a pair of frames without lenses from your eyewear provider. Glass glare can be a detriment in photographs.

We love to see your musical interest represented and we adore your 4 legged best friends!

















Above all, have fun celebrating you!