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Artist Statement

Nineteen long years ago I stepped behind the camera at my first studio job, back then it was medium format film, which shows you just how much has changed in a couple of decades! Over the next eight years I spent my time working as a photographer, a sales representative, and the Territory Manager for an expansive nine county territory that spread from Indiana to Illinois. . .

All my hard work and love for my job paid off when I was named the number one photographer nationwide by the large corporate studio that employed me. It was truly an overwhelming feeling to achieve such recognition among so many seasoned fellow photographers. And yet as much as I loved my job and the joy it brought me I found myself feeling stifled in terms of creativity and I began to dream of taking my work to another level.

And so I decided that you probably can teach an old dog new tricks and I took myself off to college, first in Chicago and then in Ann Arbor Michigan. A few years, two colleges, a fiancé, and a new child later, and here I am, older but thankfully wiser. I am now the very proud recipient of a degree in Photographic Technology. I am also certified in digital imaging and manipulation, retouching and airbrushing, and portrait, environmental, and natural lighting techniques.

These days I strive to keep evolving with my art form, always reaching for the next level of improvement and trying to never rest on yesterdays laurels. My years of experience in the studios helps me put my clients at ease as I coach and guide them seamlessly through their session. As young, and not so young alike, begin to relax and enjoy themselves it allows me the opportunity to bring out and showcase the beauty that we all possess inside of us, allowing me to gift my clients with a beautiful image at a time.

Tell me your vision, and let's create your story.

Nancy Roxanne